Saturday, February 23, 2013

Matt Said Jay Said Debi Daly Edition

Matt slurs, Jay slurs, You look on with disgust and pity.

Matt: Yo Yo Diggity Yo!
Jay: I’m sorry I have the wrong number.
Matt: Jayman is in the Hizzy-House!
Jay: I think it’s either “Hizzy” or Hizzouse”
Matt: Or, in my case, the “Bagizzy Digs”
Jay: Yeah, I don’t know about that.
Matt: I like it.
Jay: Well, that’s all that matters I guess.
Matt: Damn right.
Jay: Screw everyone else!
Matt: Their opinion means nothing.
Jay: Who are they to question your use of “Bagizzy Digs” or “Bagizzy Digizzy”
Matt: No, not Digizzy. That just sounds silly.
Jay: Yeah, good call.
Matt: People can call THEIR Hizzies whatever THEY want.
Jay: Well of course they can. THIS IS IS AMERICA!

Jay: I guess that tapping on your windows last night really was sleet.
Matt: I’m sorry it wasn’t a serial killer.
Jay: I wasn’t HOPING it was, I was just warning that it might be.
Matt: Well, he would have been hanging from the building 25 feet above the ground.
Jay: Or she!
Matt: What?
Jay: Or she! Don’t be sexist. Chicks can be serial killers too.
Matt: Right, but they prefer “broads.”
Jay: Oh yeah. Anyway, that wouldn’t be much of an obstacle for a decent serial killer.
Matt: This being the Meth Capital of the world, I would say our serial killers are probably below average.
Jay: Good point. It would be more likely here.
Matt: Why?
Jay: They could stand in the bed of their raised pickup truck to reach a second floor window.
Matt: You’ve really thought this through, haven’t you?
Jay: I have a lot of free time on my hands.

Matt: We have a really awesome guest lined up for this week’s show man.
Jay: Yes. We. Do!
Matt: Debi Daly! (Blog Talk Radio, Twitter
Jay: More like Debi All Day, Every Day!
Matt: She’s really very interesting.
Jay: Kind of out there dude.
Matt: Oh yeah, but in a good way.
Jay: Totally!
Matt: She’s got a big following.
Jay: Legions of fans.
Matt: And a handful of haters.
Jay: Dudes are obsessed with her.
Matt: Which is understandable ‘cause she’s AWESOME!
Jay: Damn right, but still, no reason to hate or be jealous.
Matt: None at all.
Jay: So we’ll ask her about this drama and haters and trolls.
Matt: And the good people who defend her.
Jay: Like us!
Matt: Oh yeah.
Jay: And whatever else she wants to talk about.
Matt: Of course! She is our guest after all.
Jay: And we’re gentlemen.
Matt: Mostly.
Jay: This one could get pretty wild.
Matt: We can handle it.
Jay: We’re professionals!
Matt: Damn right!
Jay: I’m outta here!
Matt: Me too!

There you go kids. Be sure to tune in to Debi Daly Uncrossed on IWS Saturday Night at 11 PM ET as we welcome the very beautiful and talented Debi Daly to the show! What an awesome show this is going to be!


I'm With Stupid said...

This show is gonna RAWWWWWWWK!! Cheers!!


I'm With Stupid said...

It's gonna be HUGE!


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