Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year of Fail

Hola y'all! Last year, as a part of our thrilling and hilarious Matt Said Jay Said series, Matt-Man and I posted our New Year’s Resolutions for 2012.

So let’s see how I did this year…

1. Be more organized and set deadlines for writing blog posts and stuff for the show.

Results are pretty mixed on this one. I did a little better for part of the year but kind of ran out of steam late in the year when nothing was going on and internets were kind of slow.

2. Cut back dramatically on the frozen pizzas, chips, soft drinks and alcohol.

*snort* Yeah, this one goes as a fail. Maybe I’ll try again in 2013

3. Develop an impressive, yet not too expensive, daily cocaine habit.


4. Double my Twitter followers, Facebook friends and triple Tumblr followers.

Well, I don’t know what my follower counts were on Jan 1, and even though it seems like I’m obsessed with them, I’m not. I will say that it’s frustrating to keep hitting 200 “friends” on Facebook only to get defriended by a few people. It’s happened four times now. Anyway, probably a FAIL on this one too.

5. Learn to sing, play guitar and/or piano and tap dance.

I’ve only made progress on the tap dancing part of this one.

6. Run a marathon

Hahahaha … I must have been high when I wrote that.

7. Work harder and maintaining and improving relationships and actually interact more.

Honestly, I haven’t done too badly on this one. The big downside to doing this is having to deal with rejection, but I will continue to work on it in 2013.

8. Do at least one IWS podcast while in the same location as Matt-Man.

Completely failed. Will attempt again in 2013.

9. Master the art of ventriloquism.

I changed my mind on this one. I didn’t want to risk being associated with not-funny Jeff Dunham and his racist puppets.

10. Get all restraining orders lifted. 

Progress was made. Some have expired and no new ones were issued. I’m still able to follow both Miley Cyrus and Giada de Laurentiis on Twitter without having any legal action taken. Sure Jo might be considering talking to her lawyer, but as of right now, things appear good on the legal front.

11. Work on learning new and different writing styles.

Eh. I should put out a little more effort on this front. We’ll call this one a Mostly Failed.

12. Improve the technical aspects of the show by getting rid of the cheap headset and acquiring a good USB condenser mic with a filter and possibly a mixer.

I didn’t get a new mic because, well, they’re expensive, but considering that we’re using a landline, Google Talk and BTR’s system, I think the tech side of the show is actually fairly good right now for most shows. There are times when either GTalk or BTR cause problems, but I’m not sure there will ever be a way of avoiding that.

So, as you can see I didn’t do so ba … oh jeez … I really sucked in 2012. What a fucking failure I am. Oh God! It’s definitely time to make some changes. I think I start with never being stupid enough to post my Resolutions online again.

There! That makes me feel a lot better already.


Also, in case you missed it Sunday’s Good Riddance to 2012 on I’m With Stupid was freaking hilarious. We got calls from Justin in Kentucky, Missy in Ohio and Mike in St. Louis. We talked about dumpster fires, how much 2012 sucked, how 2013 isn’t looking any better, the Captain and Tennille and the possible impending death Daryl Dragon. All that and so, so much more. Check it out!

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I'm With Stupid said...

I noticed you talked about how much you failed in 2012, but didn't glean any hopefulness for 2013. Jesus, how can I even work with you? Is it my turn to post tomorrow, because frankly, I haven't the time, although I said I would be ready. Cheers Jayman!!


Mike said...

'Do at least one IWS podcast while in the same location as Matt-Man.'

You could both meet me in St. Louis and do a show from my basement. That also sounds like a good plot for a movie.

Ty ♥ Kelley said...

You can change your writing style by switching your fonts ;)

Jo said...

No no, this is a big win. Marathons are stupid. You just run and run and no one's trying to kill or arrest you, and the skeleton-people who look like they need CPR always win.

Cocaine is the reason for the shirtless overalls in "Come On, Eileen".

Restraining orders are so mainstream, I think we should invent a new relationship disorder. I'll make sketches of my ideas!

Anonymous said...

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