Saturday, June 2, 2012

Matt Said, Jay Said XLI

Matt השיחות, Jay השיחות, You להקשיב.

Matt: “For what possible reason could you be disturbing my evening?”
Jay: “I don’t need a reason. I just do what I want, WHEN I want.”
Matt: “Well, that doesn’t make it right.”
Jay: “And what important activity did you have planned?”
Matt: “I’m sitting here watching Schmoop eat dinner.”
Jay: “That’s hot. What is she eating?”
Matt: “Some beans, a mini burger and some potato salad.”
Jay: “Mmm .. Wait, is it REAL potato salad?”
Matt: “No, it’s store bought.”
Jay: “No, I mean does it actually have potatoes?”
Matt: “Oh yeah, it’s not broccoli and lima bean salad.”
Jay: “Thank God.”

Jay: “So how did your anniversary go?”
Matt: “Oh just wonderful.”
Jay: “Great!”
Matt: “Yeah, it was … just … great.”
Jay: “That’s good to hear.”
Matt: “Mm-Hmm”
Jay: “Yup”
Matt: “Special day.”
Jay: “Totally.”
*awkward silence*
Jay: “Well, alrighty then!”
Matt: “Oh yeah!”

Jay: “So … You won’t be available for next Wednesday’s show?”
Matt: “Nope, I’ll have to cover for Drive By Mikey.”
Jay: “Hmmm … Well, maybe we just won’t have a show that day.”
Matt: “You could do the show by yourself.”
Jay: “Ha! My bladder is getting nervous just at the suggestion!”
Matt: “Okay, TMI, but you could get a special guest host.”
Jay: “Maybe, we’ll see.”
Matt: “Whatever you want to do.”
Jay: “If I get a special guest host you could still call in from the Beer Mine.”
Matt: “Yeah, and I got a cell phone.”
Jay: “Cool. What’s the number?”
Matt: “I don’t know.”
Jay: “Might want to find that out.”
Matt: “I got it from Wild Bill today. I’ll have to learn all about and how it works.”
Jay: “Oh okay.”

*Lots of discussion about how is so fucking smoking hot. Some discussion about how is an asshole. Slight disagreement over the hotness level of .*

Jay: “Okay then that’s about all I’ve got.”
Matt: “Alright Jayman.”
Jay: “Enjoy your evening Mattcicle.”
Matt: I will and you …. OH HEY!”
Jay: “Yes?”
Matt: “What about Sunday’s show?”
Jay: “Oh right, show prep! Uh, I was thinking Joke Show Part 2 …”
Matt: “That’s not bad right there.”
Jay: “Or your idea of “What Women Want.”
Matt: “Oh that’s a better idea!”
Jay: “Yeah, What Women Want fits our area of expertise better.”
Matt: “Damn right!”
Jay: “Okay, we’re set!”
Matt: “Gonna be HUGE!”
Jay: “Hell yeah! Night-Night Pookie.”
Matt: “Okay, night Sassy Pants.”

And that’s how the magic is made kids. Be sure to join us for “What Women Want” on I’m With Stupid Sunday at 12 Noon ET!


I'm With Stupid said...

We know women better than they know themselves. Cheers Jayman!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: That's what we keep telling ourselves.


Mike said...

But what if I don't want to listen? What if I want to talk too?