Saturday, April 28, 2012

Matt Said...Jay Said XXXVI

Matt говори…Jay говори.  You, слушам.

Matt:  Hello?  Helloooooo?  Hel….
Jay:  Kirk Douglasssish here.
Matt:  Ha.  Your Kirk Douglas impression is almost perfected.
Jay:  Thanks!!  I was thinking I may take it a step further as well.
Matt:  How So?
Jay:  Thought I might grab me an ice pick and put a dimple in my rugged, manly chin.
Matt:  You truly suffer for your craft.
Jay:  IKR?

Matt:  Before we get started on show prep…What did you have for ‘sup tonight?  I need an idea.
Jay:  I had sole for the first time ever.
Matt:  Was it good?
Jay:  It was m’eh.  Kinda bland…in fact, one could say…
Matt and Jay:  IT HAD NO SOUL.
Matt:  We are so punny.

Jay:  We need to pick our babes for the Official 2012 IWS Babe Draft which along with their pictures, will appear on our website this Sunday.
Matt:  I am so ready.  I wrote down my four picks while at work today.
Jay:  Okay…you go first.
Matt:  With the first overall pick…I choose (name redacted)
Jay:  Sweeeeet. My first pick is (name redacted)
Matt:  She’s freaking hot, but I got my next one, Jayman…(name redacted)
Jay:  Oh baby, adding a little color I see.  Well, I give you this hottie…(name redacted)
Matt:  But she has fairly big ones; that is so unlike you.
Jay:  Yeah but she has her Aztec goin’ on.

Matt:  Sweeeet.  Let’s see…my third pick is, drum roll please…(name redacted)
Jay:  Why didn’t the Secret Service hit on her?  Anyhoodle, my next pick is, (name redacted)
Matt:  I don’t know her.
Jay:  Well, come Sunday, you will see her; know her; and love her.
Matt:  Okay my last pick.  The Dame of the Danes…One Miss (name redacted)
Jay:  She seems like a nice girl. And my final pick while you hand me the chopsticks…One Miss (name redacted)

Matt:  That’s a pretty good line-up.
Jay:  Well hell yeah.
Matt: We do good work.
Jay:  Hello?  Of course.

Matt:  And on IWS Radio Sunday at Noon ET, we will be doing the Prom Show?
Jay:  It’s gonna be huge, and I think we are prepared.
Matt:  But we didn’t talk about it
Jay and Matt:  (silence)
Jay and Matt:  Yeah we’re ready.

See you Sunday on the Radio, and to check out our Babe choices, come back here on Sunday!!


I'm With Stupid said...

The fish, much like Raj from What's Happening, had no soul. But, we do. That's for damn sure.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jayman: Pfffft. We overflowing in soul, and dripping in Awesome Sauce. Cheers Jayman!!


Mike said...

'Official 2012 IWS Babe Draft'

Will there be a calendar?