Sunday, February 12, 2012

Babe of the Week: Best Celebrity Boobs

This week for our Babe of the Week feature, IWS presents the best celebrity boobies.

Scarlett Johannson
Rachel McAdams
Monica Bellucci
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Natalie Portman 


In other news, we Celebrated Boobies on the I'm With Stupid Podcast. We talked about all kinds of boobies. Big, small and everything in between. Also, we had a Big Boobs vs Small Boobs debate as Matt-Man lacks the appropriate level of admiration that Jayman believes small boobies deserve. And Jayman told his famous "Fake Boob Deflates in a Vegas Strip Club Story" And then of course, we had our "Pee Break w/ Schmoop" segment to pull it all together.

Also, we paid our respects to Whitney Houston and discussed her untimely death. Overall, probably our most ridiculous show ever. But, still fun and charming as always. So, check it out! Please?

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Mike said...

I forgot about pee break with Schmoop. I shoulda' called in.

Max Evel said...

Oh Yeah!!

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Felling guilty now, huh? Well you should! ha ;-)


I'm With Stupid said...

Max Evel: Yay! Boobies!


I'm With Stupid said...

Natalie Portman is really a guy, isn't she? Cheers Jayman!!