Friday, November 11, 2011

Matt Said, Jay Said XIII

Matt and Jay talk sometimes. Their conversations are fascinating. 

Jay: “Did you take your meds this morning?”
Matt: “Schmoop sets my pills out on the counter for me each morning.”
Jay: “Just like she does your clothes.”
Matt: “She has a very nice fashion sense.”

Jay: “Tons of new people on our Facebook Fan Page.”
Matt: “Yeah, nice flurry of activity.”
Jay: “Where’d they all come from?”
Matt: “I sent out invites.”
Jay: “Oh, so a bunch of Ohio Ruffians?”
Matt: “Nothing but good-hearted people.”
Jay: “I hope they don’t steal anything.”
Matt: “Now that was totally uncalled for!”

Jay: “Oh damn, check out who joined this morning.”
Matt: “OOOOH YEAH! I saw her.”
Jay: “I like the pic of her playing pool.”
Matt: “I like a girl who can handle a stick.”
Jay: “She can chalk my cue stick anytime.”
Matt: “She could hustle me.”
Jay: “Ha! We should do this for an entire show sometime.”
Matt: “We could. It would be pretty funny.”
Jay: “Just go to some chick’s Facebook page and talk about her while drooling over her pics.”
Matt: “Nothing creepy about that at all.”
Jay: “Well, we won’t name names or anything.”
Matt: “Too late. The Creepy Train has already left the station.”

Jay: “Guess you saw what Ashton Kutcher tweeted about Penn State?”
Matt: “Yes, that idiot.”
Jay: “Now he’s gonna quit tweeting or something.”
Matt: “If I was married to Demi Moore I wouldn’t have time to tweet.”
Jay: “There would definitely be better things to do.”
Matt: “Unless I’m tweeting pics of Demi.”
Jay: “Or Tweet “I just woke up next to Demi Moore and you didn’t.”
Matt: “Just took a shower: WITH DEMI MOORE.”
Jay: “Just staying in tonight … WITH DEMI MOORE!”
Matt: “Pizza and a movie … WITH DEMI MOORE!”
Jay: “Boring life, going to bed early … WITH DEMI MOORE!”
Matt: “Going shopping … WITH DEMI MOORE!”
Jay: “Playing naked Twister … WITH DEMI MOORE!”

*BTW, the previous exchange works just as well with many other famous women like Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson and a whole host of others.

Matt: “We could talk about stay at home moms on this week’s show?”
Jay: “Or just celebrate women in general, must like we just were … kinda.”
Matt: “Oh yeah! We could do that. We love women.”
Jay: “Exactly! Talking about something we love makes the show better.”
Matt: “Okay then … Celebrating Women it is.”
Jay: “Done.”

So, don’t forget to tune in this week to celebrate women with us. It’s gonna be a HAWT show!


And, while you’re waiting for that show to start, you can listen to Wednesday’s show where we talked about all kinds of great stuff including Jerry Sandusky and the very disturbing scandal at Penn State. We also celebrated the great victory by working folks in Ohio by beating back Issue 2.
All that and so much more hilarity, so give us a listen. Don’t forget that we love each and every one of you guys.

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Mike said...

That person you two are going all creepy on looks familure. Is she going to call in again?

Anonymous said...

Interesting conversation. :P

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Ha. That's actually not the person we were creeping on. I creep on the lovely Ms. Knight in the open to make it even creepier.

I just threw her pic up there as an example of super sexy hot Facebook babes.


I'm With Stupid said...

Pesos: We're pretty interesting guys.


I'm With Stupid said...

I just want you to know that since we are celebrating women tonight, I will be doing the show completely naked, as opposed to wearing a bra and panties as I typically do.


Knight said...

I heart you Jay. Still not creepy. Kinda hot actually.

Gnetch said...

So Jay, how many girls are you trying to creep out, really?

I'm a jealous girl, FYI.


I'm With Stupid said...

Matt: I was completely naked except for my Hog Hat.


I'm With Stupid said...

Knight: I heart you too. Especially late at night when I'm alone.


I'm With Stupid said...

Gnetch: Well, basically all of 'em. But, You're still #1 on my "Want to Creep Out" list. ;-)