Saturday, November 5, 2011

Matt Said, Jay Said XII

Matt Said, Jay Said, You Read…

Matt: “Uhhhh …. Yes?”
Jay: “Howdy HO! Matty-O!”
Matt: “You’re in way too good a mood.”
Jay: “Just happy to be alive.”
Matt: “Well, maybe you should tone it down a bit.”
Jay: “No can do. I’m high on life and spreading the happiness.”
Matt: “I’m immune to it.”
Jay: “Very sad.”

Jay: “Alessandra Torresani tweeted a link to IWS Blog.”
Matt: “I don’t know who she is, but that was very sweet of her.”
Jay: “She was in the show Caprica.”
Matt: “Oh, of course.”
Jay: “You still don’t know who she is, do you?”
Matt: “Nope.”
Jay: “Se was part of our Halloween Celebrity Costume post. She was Barbarella.”
Matt: “Mmm … she’s HAWT!”
Jay: “And, apparently loves us cause she sent hundreds and hundreds of people our way.”
Matt: “Of course she does. What’s not to love?”

Matt: “What was for dinner?”
Jay: “Tuna fish sandwiches.”
Matt: “What bread?”
Jay: “Honey Wheat.”
Matt: “Oh, we’re so done!”
Jay: “What do you use?”
Matt: “White. Toasted. You DO toast your bread at least, don’t you?”
Jay: “Of course! I’m not some uncultured hick, ya know.”
Matt: “Sometimes, I wonder.”

Jay: “Local Tea Party held a rally here and didn’t invite me.”
Matt: “Now that’s just downright rude.”
Jay: “And stupid. They forgot to invite a world-famous broadcaster.”
Matt: “They’re just not the marketing and publicity gurus we are.”
Jay: “Very true. They’re just jealous and afraid I’ll dominate media coverage and their wives will hit on me.”
Matt: “Or they’re protecting their daughters.”
Jay: “Ha! Hey!! Anyway, band move on their part.”
Matt: “They will be left to steep in their own mediocrity with their snubbing of you.”
Jay: “My guess is they’re already sorry.”

Jay: “So, since it’s been all Herman Cain this week, we should have a Pizza Party for Saturday’s show.”
Matt: “Brilliant idea!”
Jay: “National chains, local joints, frozen pizza etc”
Matt: “We are pretty much experts on this one.”
Jay: “And who doesn’t love pizza?”
Matt: “Absolutely”
Jay: “Okay then. We’re set!”
Matt: “Hell yes!”

So, be sure to join us at 6:30 pm on Saturday (or in archives if you happen to miss it) for a HUGE virtual Pizza Party on I’m With Stupid! It’s goona be a blast. But, it would be more fun if YOU were there.


I'm With Stupid said...

From Wednesday's show on Herman Cain, through yesterday's post, to today's MSJS, it has been a seamless build-up to tonight's Pizza Show. Hermie needs to bring us on board to direct his campaign. Cheers Jayman!!


Gnetch said...

I hope that picture doesn't make it too obvious that I love pizza so much.

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt: We are some smooth marketing gurus!

Gnetch: It makes it just obvious enough. ha ;-)


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