Friday, September 30, 2011

Matt Said, Jay Said VII

You know what day it is. You’ve been waiting for it all week! Here we go…

Matt: “You’ve reached the Matt-Man residence, how may I direct your call.”
Jay: “I wanna talk to the person in charge!”
Matt: “Sorry, nobody is in charge here.”
Jay: “But, if nobody is in charge, who gets all the glory?”
Matt: “Glory is about personal accomplishments. We’re about ‘team’ here.”
Jay: “There is no “I” in “Team.”
Matt: “Exactly. So how are ya?”
Jay: “A little gassy.”
Matt: “I’ll open a window.”

Jay: “So, uh, our Big Gay Show is totally racking up the listens and is moving towards the top five in the ratings.”
Matt: “It should, it was FABULOUS.”
Jay: “It was a pretty good show. We might have found our niche.”
Matt: “If that show doesn’t turn people gay, nothing will.”
Jay: “Yeah, and it’s a type of gay that even Marcus Backmann can’t cure.”
Matt: “Of course not. Hell, he couldn’t even cure his own.  Hey-OOOO”
Jay: “Anyway, apparently going gay means big hits.”
Matt: “Well, cover me in glitter and raise the rainbow flag then.”

Matt: “Hold on. I need to acknowledge someone telling me how cute Schmoop and I are.”
Jay: “Personally, I’m finding your love tweets to be disgusting.”
Matt: “You know, a little support isn’t too much to ask here my friend.”
Jay: “Oh damn. I forgot how sensitive and vulnerable engaged men get.”
Matt: “Damn right. So try being a little more sensitive you sick fuck.”
Jay: “I’ll try. No promises though.

Jay: “So I’ve now joined Reddit and Digg too.”
Matt: “So have I”
Jay: “We can now Stumble, Reddit and Digg our posts and shows.”
Matt: “We even got a couple of hits from Digg already.”
Jay: “Sweeeeeet. I don’t know how much Reddit and Digg will help though.”
Matt: “It doesn’t matter. Every little bit helps.”
Jay: “And every listener and readers matters.”
Matt: “That they do!”
Jay: “We love them all.”
Matt: “Damn right.”

Jay: “So, wanna talk “Haters” this week?”
Matt: “Yeah. People who just can’t stand it when others are happy.”
Jay: “And people are just always bitching about something.”
Matt: “Exactly. Negative people.”
Jay: “Right. People who can’t say something nice about anything.”
Matt: “I hate those people.”
Jay: “Thank God we’re not like that.”
Matt: “We wouldn’t be internet famous if we were.”
Jay: “Good point. Our success is based on being positive and thoughtful all the time.”
Matt: “That’s why the chicks dig us.”
Jay: “Totally.”

So there you go. More genius at work. I know how inspiring it is to read each week. Also, don’t forget to listen to this week’s show, “Haters Gonna Hate” on I’m With Stupid. It’s going to be a great show!


Mike said...

I have another Habitat thingy today. I hate that I'm missing this.

I'm With Stupid said...

Jayman we are so positive it's scary. If only we could bottle our thoughtfulness. And Mike? Screw the homeless, listen to us tonight. Cheers!!

Marilyn said...

Sooo, you two are the Mary Poppinses of radio and you're gonna be talking haters. Don't use my name too often. I might get upset.

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Always with the excuses. ha ;-)

Matt: We're all about the love.

Marilyn: Oh no. We will only speak of you in the most positive way. Totally.