Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great Tweets in History

Here at I’m With Stupid, we not only entertain, but we strive to educate to. So, in that spirit, we present some of the best tweets in world history…

@JesusChrist: It’s a beautiful day! Gonna go for a little ride on Burrito down to Jerusalem. #BBL

@Socrates: I don’t know what is in this shot glass, but it’s got a real kick to it. #drunktweet

@GenPickett: Charge! #dixie

@J_Caesar: Got a text from Brutus. Gonna hook up early before the Senate is in session today to troll for babes. #bowchicawowwow

@JFK: Got a sweet drop-top limo to ride around Big D in. Jackie will look hawt in it! #thuglife

@B_Franklin: Shocking discovery! #zap

@A_Hitler: This using stars to show favorited tweets confuses me. I keep thinking they’re all Jews. #whatupwitdat

@Anne_Frank: OMG! Twitter added location to our tweets? WTF? #bastards

@Wright_Bros: Just made gravity our bitch! #upintheair

@Bill_Clinton: Time for a cigar! #sexytalk

@Pol_Pot: I’m so misunderstood. #simpleman

@OsamaBinLaden: I must be losing it. I swear I heard helicopters a few minutes ago. #paranoid

@Golda_Meir: Time for my nightly beauty routine. #sexybabe

@Aaron_Burr: Just about had enough of @Alexander_H’s shit. Gonna shut him up. #pissed

@Alexander_H: Yo @Aaron_Burr: Bring it! #notskeered

@A_G_Bell: Ring-A-Ding-Ding bitches! #callme

@King_Priam: The Greeks have sailed and they left us a HUGE wooden Horsey! It’s soooo cute! Gonna ride him tomorrow. #excited

@Rasputin: Did you think it would be THAT easy to get rid of me? Not hardly. #scrappy

@Genghis_Khan: What? Another paternity suit? That’s like 10,000 or so now. I ain’t shootin’ no blanks baby. #supersperm

@Prez_Truman: Yo Japan! #BOOM! 

@Richard_III: Okay, no more fancy talk. I really need that fucking horse. #fml

@Jimmy_Hoffa: Gonna tour the new Giants Stadium that they’re building today. #nfl

@D_Crockett: Who builds something this size and doesn’t put in any backdoors? #stuck


I'm With Stupid said...

Harry Truman was hilariously succinct. Cheers!!


MysteryChick said...

OK, those were great but the Harry Truman one made me laugh out loud. Now I'm going to have to scrape steak and cheese off my keyboard.

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: Truman was a man of few words.

MC: Harry was always known for his great sense of humor. And he too enjoyed a good steak and cheese sandwich for lunch!

- Jay

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

once again a brilliant post Mr. Jay!

Mike said...

I heard on the radio today that Saturday Night Live is taking input for their news bit from real people. Maybe you two could get a news item on the show.

Jay said...

Vinny: Damn right! Uh, I mean, thanks dude. ;-)

Mike: At this point, I don't think we could lower ourselves to work with SNL.

- Jay

Gnetch said...

For some reason, BinLaden's tweet made me chuckle.