Monday, July 11, 2011

Casey Anthony is Getting Off

Heyyyyyyy therrrrrre sports fans, IWS sports editor, Slyder Balzcock here with a little Monday Morning Humpbacking.

Congratulations to the U.S. Women’s soccer team as they defeated Brazil in World Cup action over the weekend in front of an electrified Reichstag type crowd in Munchausen By Proxy, Germany.

Gooooooooooal, Baby!!

Back here in the States, longtime Yankee and light skinned black man Derek Jeter got his 3,000th hit Saturday as the Bronx Bombers tussled with the visiting Tampa Bay Gamma Rays.

But Mr. Jeter wasn’t the only person to reach the magical milestone of trey thousand this weekend…

In honor of the passing of former First Baseman Betty Ford, music heavyweight Amy Winehouse entered rehab for the 3,000th time.

Even though still on the disabled list until July 17th, homicidal honey Casey Anthony received her 3,000th death threat thanks to Edna Thistle of Macon, Ga., who offered to “stick a boom box up Casey’s ass and crank up the Best of John Tesh.”

Lastly, our very own IWS guys hit a couple of milestones of their own…

Late Friday night, Jayman devoured his 3,000th Vienna Sausage and on Saturday morning, Matt-Man drank his 3,000th pint of Wild Irish Rose.

The ensuing sausage shit of the Jayman and the Rose piss from the Mattster have been saved and are on sale now for you serious memorabilia collectors.

This is Slyder Balzcock rounding third and heading for the end zone saying…

Make sure you listen to Jay and Matt-Man on Blog Talk Radio at 11 AM EDT today. They are talking Casey Anthony, Michele Bachmann and perhaps about their own fecal material and urine samples.

Click on the Radio tab at the top of this page and find the show page link and/or call in at 661.244.9852 today at 11 AM EDT.


Jay said...

Man, that Slyder is one smooooth dude. And, while it might be a shitty show, I doubt I'll actually talk about my shit. Unless TWC dumps Matt-Man and again and I have to fill time on my own.

Beth said...

Hmmm...that Slyder sure does look familiar. Oh, and Jay, I'm sending the Green Apple Rose, and the Chicken Vienna Sausages next week. Bon Apetit! said...

Hahaha, I think Edna is my new hero!

IWS Radio said...

Beth: Slyder looks familiar because he is the EVERYMAN. He is pure awesome. Cheers!!

Shanimal: Edna, drinks a lot of sweet tea and eats Ritz Crackers all day...I am unsure of her. Cheers!!