Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time Warner Blooooows !!

If you listened to our I'm With Stupid Radio show on Saturday, you know that ten minutes in or so, my phone and internet went down...again.

This has been a recurring problem over the past few weeks, so I once again contacted Time Warner tech support via their chat system.

In this chat, as my BFF/OSP Schmoop (Beth) is the owner of said TW agreement, I am Elizabeth which makes sense, because...

I'm sure the tech guy named Moses with whom I am seeking assistance is really named Punjab.

Here is the actual transcript from Saturday night:

Moses: Hello! Thank you for choosing Road Runner Internet Technical Chat Support. My name is Moses.

How may I assist you?

Elizabeth_: We have had this modem refreshed at least seven time in three weeks...there is obviously something wrong. And if you don't give us a new one, we are going to be very angry

Moses: Hi,Elizabeth.
Moses: I apologize for inconvenience caused to you.
Moses: May I know what is your exact your issue?
Elizabeth_: You should apologize because every time I am down, I lose money and cannot put food on my family.

Elizabeth_: I keep getting my phone service and internet dropped
Moses: Okay.
Moses: Can you please give me a moment while I pull your account?
Elizabeth_: pull my account all you I'm about done with you guys
Moses: Once again I apologize for inconvenience caused to you.
Moses: Let me try to fix your issue.
Moses: Hopefullt we will do that.
Elizabeth_: Evidently I need a new modem...This thing has been refreshed countless times
Moses: In this case I would have been glad to assist you with this issue. However, I don't have the required tools and resources to assist you with this issue.

You need to contact our concern department, since they are specifically trained to resolve such issues. I will provide you the contacts details.

Moses: Is that fine?
Elizabeth_: yes give me the details, please
Moses: Okay, Please give me a moment.
Moses: 513-489-BEEP (2337), they will sure replace your modem if require.

Elizabeth_: I have to call them? God this is bull....Okay, thanks...And tell TW thanks for making it harder on people who pay them 127 dollars a month for their services. Unbelieveable. What a joke.
Moses: Sure I will convey your message to my higher authority.
Moses: For your information, you can visit this link anytime to get more help and knowledge about the products and services offered by Road Runner: and check for online FAQs.

The thing is?  I called that number, raised hell,and Tuesday I am going to pick up our new modem for the Bagwine digs.

Who's Your Daddy, Time Warner!!?



Jay said...

Way to show 'em who's boss big boy! You're pretty sexy when you're being all dominant.

- Jay

Mike said...

To all you IWS listeners. Time Warner has a 'delete Matt-Man' button. It's only $2 a month. And can you have some fun with it.

Although you can use it any time it's more fun to use it during the BTR broadcasts.

IWS Radio said...

Jay: Coming from!!

Mike: That was just plain hurtful. Cheers MIke.