Monday, June 27, 2011

If We Allow Gay Marriage...

Then gays will get married! 

I've long had sympathy towards the Pro Life crowd because I felt they were on the side of what was truly right and moral. It hasn't helped them to push a “pro-life” line while murdering people, or the fact that at the very moment that a human being is born most pro-lifers say “you're on your own kid.”
But I still understand and respect their position when it comes to the defense of the unborn and the defenseless.

But, what I can't for life of me figure out, is their over the top anger and opposition to gay marriage. Seriously, WTF people? I mean, opposition to abortion is based on the taking a human life. So, you don't have to be a Christian conservative or even a religious person at all to agree with that. Opposition to gays though, is based solely on bigotry and strict religious doctrine. And that is no basis for denying them the legal right to marry.

I mean, if we're gonna have the federal government base all laws on just anybody's strict moral beliefs, then let's go ahead and put Rush Limbaugh in jail for violating ALL of the Seven Deadly Sins. REPEATEDLY! It's the same thing, right? Sure it is. God is no more serious about that whole “don't be gay” thing as is about the whole “don't be a fat, gluttonous adulterer and those four other things” thing. If we're gonna lay down the law on one, let's do it for all. And, anyone nodding his or her head right now and saying “Fine with me!” has never read the Bible because I'm telling ya, if we did that we would all be tossed into those reeducation camps that Michele Bachmann talks about.

I mean, we're all hypocrites right? Even on the issue of gays. Most all of agree that men together is icky while two women together is a beautiful thing and want to watch.

The argument that marriage has its roots in religion is also a loser. So what? No matter where its roots are, marriage is regulated by the government and is, in fact, a secular act. Basically you pay for a marriage license and then you find someone who is licensed by the state to perform some sort of ceremony and then sign the dotted line saying that you are officially fucked hitched. The whole “get married in a church with all kinds of religious shit” is just an voluntary add on. God is not required to be there unless you invite him.

And don't bother me with the bullshit argument that the government will FORCE the church to marry gays. Come on! Are you even listening to yourself? You say the govt shouldn't be able to force churches to marry gays, but at the same time you support the govt forcing the church NOT to marry gays. Trying to have it both ways much?

In any event, the govt isn't going to force the church to do or not do anything. That's the biggest fail argument of them all. Well, next to the whole “states right unless I disagree with what a state has voted to do then the federal government should come in a void the state law and dictate my beliefs to everyone” bullshit. Which is basically the position of every single person running for the GOP nomination for president. Except possibly Mitt Romney. He hasn't been asked today so we don't know where his position has “evolved” to.

Anyway, I'm impressed that New York is now as cool as Iowa. And I sincerely hope that this will now make New York a place where gays will want to move to. And I'm very happy for all the tax attorneys, estate planners and divorce lawyers who can just go ahead and start planning on buying that Tuscan Villa for retirement now.

But, more than anything I'm sick and tired of the amount of effort and resources that are expended on issues such as gay marriage that should be obvious and easy. And while everyone is screaming at each other over the little stuff, I wonder what our “leaders” in DC are cooking up to screw us over with next. Hmmm … It's almost like this all by design, isn't it?



Kell said...

Awesome. I've pretty much got those 7 deadly sins covered. I better start looking over my shoulder for Michele Bauchmann, huh?

Mike said...

"men together is icky while two women together is a beautiful thing and want to watch"

Yeah, And? :)

Jaffer said...

I feel sympathy for all who are discriminated for all the wrong reasons.

And bigotry is the worst.

Regarding the issue of churches being forced, there have infact been atleast two cases in Canada, where priests were taken to court for refusing to marry two men.

And the priests were found guilty.

This was in the beginning when gay marriage was made legal

It was absolutely ridiculous ! Many questions were raised and points debated. Thankfully I haven't heard of any such cases since.

You bring about many valid points. :-)

IWS Radio said...

This has to be the gayest post you have ever written. Cheers!!


Jay said...
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Jay said...

Kell: I think we all have the SDS covered.

Mike: Exactly.

Jaffer: You crazy Canadians! haha

Matt: I knew if would turn you on.


Knight said...

Jay, will you marry me? You are the most sensible and intelligent person I know. Which may not be the case any longer if you accept my proposal... but still....

MysteryChick said...

Well said Jay. I'm so tired of the ignorance and bigotry that is perpetuated by the hate filled. Just go away (not you Jay, the ignorant bigots)!

IWS Radio said...

Knight: You know, despite my general opposition to marriage, I would most definitely marry you.

MysteryChick: And it's the loudmouth ignorant people who get heard the most. No matter how small a minority they are.