Saturday, September 14, 2013

Matt Said, Jay Said 10100111001

Matt: Cheeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrssssssssss!!!!
Jay: Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Matt: We’re so damn cool.
Jay: The nerds out there envy us so much.
Matt: Totally.
Jay: I haven’t always been this cool though, you know.
Matt: You don’t say?
Jay: I’m serious! I used to be a bit of nerd myself.
Matt: YOU? No way!
Jay: IKR?!
Matt: I’ve always been cool.
Jay: It shows.
Matt: That’s where all my self-confidence comes from.
Jay: The easy life of the cool people.
Matt: I wish you could experience it too.
Jay: Yeah, me too.
Matt: But the nerdy, uncool life has its own rewards right?
Jay: Not really, no.
Matt: Well, that’s too bad.
Jay: Thank you for your understanding.

Matt: So, what was for supper tonight?
Jay: Spaghetti!
Matt: Ooooooooo that’s good!
Jay: Oh yeah, whatchu having?
Matt: Frozen pizza.
Jay: Nice, Putting anything extra on it?
Matt: I might just have it as is out of the box.
Jay: Rare move on your part.
Matt: I like to mix things up a bit.
Jay: Keeps you from getting into a rut.
Matt: What did you have last night?
Jay: Fish sticks and a baked potato.
Matt: Great combo.
Jay: What did you have?
Matt: Sausage patties and scrambled eggs.
Jay: Oh yeahhhhhhhhh! Delicious!

Matt: You know what’s sad though?
Jay: What?
Matt: The box says serving size ONE PATTY!
Jay: Get out!
Matt: I’m serious!
Jay: Who do they think they’re bullshitting?
Matt: Nobody! They’re just being Provisionally Correct.
Jay: What losers!
Matt: More like Fascists!
Jay: Portion Size Terrorists!
Matt: Damn right!
Jay: This “Serving Size Recommendation” shit is outrageous.
Matt: It’s a threat to our very freedom as Americans.
Jay: We need to stand up to these people.
Matt: I think I’m thinking what you’re thinking!
Jay: We will discuss this outrage on the show Sunday.
Matt: Yes we will!
Jay: What else can we talk about?
Matt: Yom Kippur?
Jay: Call us up and atone people!
Matt: Hispanic Heritage Month?
Jay: I love Latinas.
Matt: Oh yeah!
Jay: OH! And the first ever CANADA REPORT W/ JAMIE!
Matt: That’s gonna be sooooooo hawt!
Jay: Hell yes!
Matt: And it’s National Farm Animal Awareness Week.
Jay: Hmm … Okay then: Food, Sex and Farm Animals!
Matt: Love it! Where did you get the sex part?
Jay: Food leads to sex.
Matt: Or is a substitute for it.
Jay: HA! Don’t I know it!
Matt: Poor nerd.

So be sure to tune into IWS Radio as we celebrate Food Sexand Farm Animals Sunday at 12 Noon ET!!